Well-Stocked Crews Working Arkansas Roads

Mar 3, 2014

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department
Credit arkansashighways.com

Officials are urging motorists to remain cautious the next several days as ice is expected to linger while temperatures remain near freezing through Tuesday night.

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Public Information Officer Randy Ort said roadways are likely to remain hazardous for the next few days.

“Travel is definitely not recommended. The longer anybody can delay their travels whether it be tomorrow (Tuesday) or the next day the better off they’ll be,” said Ort.

Unlike some other efforts nationally Arkansas crews are keeping supplied.

“We have not had any problems replenishing our salt supplies up to this point. It has been a very difficult winter. A storm like this one, salt loses its melting properties once temperatures get down below 22, 23 degrees. So, not much salt being used in north Arkansas, not much is being used in Central Arkansas. We’re having to rely on other chemicals such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride,” said Ort.

The highway department has over 1,000 crew members working around the clock at least until late Tuesday night.