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Journalists from the KUAR news staff review the week's news. Contributors include Michael Hibblen, Jacob Kauffman, Chris Hickey, and Karen Tricot Steward.

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This week the KUAR news staff discusses a couple of new state laws. One bans cities and counties from enforcing ordinances like anti-discrimination measures on sexual orientation or gender identity. Another makes "rehoming" a felony. Task forces looking into Common Core standards and computer science in public schools are making progress. And a look at monuments to the Confederacy in Arkansas.

On this week's edition, we'll have a look at what a much anticipated report on the foster care system offers to those children forced to sleep in DHS offices. As Arkansas continues to grapple with a healthcare overhaul, what steps is the state considering? And as expected, Arkansas's Congressional delegation has no love for the President's nuclear deal with Iran. 

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On KUAR's Week-In-Review Podcast, the news staff discusses ongoing talks between Gov. Asa Hutchinson and legislative leaders over the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, an appeals court refusing to reconsider its ruling on a 12 week abortion ban, the state Board of Educations' approval of a change for standardized testing, Rep. Bruce Westerman getting passage of a bill on managing forests and work being completed on a $150 million project to rebuild Little Rock's Big Rock Interchange.

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KUAR's news staff reviews the week a little early, in advance of the extended 4th of July holiday weekend.

Lethal injection gets a second life in Arkansas, a pair of Purple Hearts for victims of an act of terrorism on Arkansas soil, counties start to tally the number of marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples, Little Rock's long-time performance hall makes it to a renovation checkpoint on time, a hiccup in the governor's plans for Common Core, and Confederate flags get unfurled for the 4th of July.

Two major rulings this week by the U.S. Supreme Court dominate the discussion on KUAR's Week-In-Review podcast this week. 

On Thursday, the court let stand a major provision of the Affordable Care Act, saying federal subsidies can go to states like Arkansas which did not set up state-run exchanges, but instead partner with a federal exchange. The news staff discusses the ruling and has reaction from state legislatures.

Leading the program this week, the news staff talks about anticipation of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act and implications for Arkansas. 

Several stories about the state's prisons also made news this week. A report said the prison population is growing faster than any other state in the nation, an opinion from the Arkansas Supreme Court means many inmates sentenced to life for crimes committed as juveniles may need to be re-sentenced and efforts to address mental health and sexual assault behind bars.

Join the KUAR news staff for a discussion on the top stories of the week.  

On this podcast:  a fight over the first recommendation regarding Common Core educational standards, a judge ruling that Arkansas should recognize same-sex marriages conducted last year, a request for a federal disaster declaration being prepared after flooding along the Arkansas and Red rivers, a request for a formal opinion on the open carry of firearms and a federal appeals court tossing out a challenge of EPA mission standards.

On KUAR's week-in-review podcast, the news staff discusses flooding along the Arkansas and Red rivers, a natural gas pipeline rupture, a Republican state lawmaker shifting to independent, the latest on the creation of the Jacksonville/ North Pulaski County School District and tour Robinson Auditorium, which is nearing the halfway point of a nearly $70 million renovation. 

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After a busy news week in Arkansas, KUAR is proud to debut a new podcast featuring the station's news staff discussing key stories covered this week.