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Congressman tries to kill election commission

8 hours ago
Nancy Marshall-Genzer

A congressional committee has voted to close a federal agency set up to ensure states meet certain standards for voting machines. The agency is called the Election Assistance Commission, and it was set up after the controversial 2000 presidential election in an effort to make sure states have secure, dependable voting equipment. 

A simple blood test could help doctors determine whether someone suffers from coronary heart disease, the most common form of heart disease, killing more than 370,000 Americans every year. This test may more accurately identify the condition compared to the current crop of diagnostic tools, including stress tests and CT scans. If approved by the FDA, the blood test could improve health and save money. Or, if adopted widely, the test could become overprescribed, adding to wasteful health spending estimated to be $1 trillion annually. 

After years, even decades, of waiting, victims of terror attacks against Americans overseas will soon begin receiving compensation. A $1.1 billion fund has been created as part of a settlement struck by the U.S. government with French bank BNP Paribas. BNP pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy after evading U.S. sanctions in Iran and other countries that resulted in harm to Americans overseas.

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02/27/17: The U.S. vs. the World Trade Organization

13 hours ago

Relations may not be warm between the Trump administration and the World Trade Organization. Financial Times editor Shawn Donnan  joins us to discuss news that the U.S. may start bypassing the WTO if it thinks other countries are cheating on trade. Next, we'll look at a simple blood test that could help identify coronary heart disease, and then explore the possibility of a gas tax in Tennessee.

Annie Baxter

For decades, Dave Styer and his family only milked a few hundred cows at Alfalawn Farm, their dairy near Menomonie, Wisconsin. Then, a couple years ago, they ramped up to nearly 2,000 cows. 

Styer said it was a gamble, but he felt Wisconsin's pro-business, Republican Gov. Scott Walker had their backs. 

Chas Sisk

Nashville, Tennessee, is growing fast. As many as 85 people a day move into the city and its suburbs. That's meant congestion, deteriorating roads and scores of overstressed bridges.

So some say this is a good time to raise Tennessee's gas tax, the 10th-lowest in the nation. But not Tricia Stickel, president of the Maury County Tea Party.

Border adjustment tax plan gets mixed reception

17 hours ago

Republican plans to change the corporate tax structure include a border adjustment tax. It will impact how imports and exports are taxed. The proposal is causing a lot of uncertainty in the oil and gas industry, and while some energy companies support the move, others oppose it.  

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Baby boomers retrain in sought-after skills

17 hours ago
Amy Scott

When Joe Snyder was 23 years old with just a high school diploma, he got a job at auto parts supplier Dana Corp. in Reading, Pennsylvania, as a press operator.

“I worked there for 17 years, and they closed the plant and moved some things to Mexico, Venezuela,” he said.

02/27/17: The next generation of mobile tech

18 hours ago

5G tech, the next generation of cell service that will bring us even faster internet, is approaching. Michael Nunez, tech editor at Gizmodo, breaks down how telephone technology has evolved over the course of history. Afterwards, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince joins us to discuss a bug found in the company's code. 

02/27/17: And best picture goes to 'Moonlight'

18 hours ago

During last night's Oscars telecast, the award for best picture mistakenly went to "La La Land" instead of "Moonlight." We'll take a look at the accounting firm behind the vote tallies. Next, we'll discuss a fund that will compensate overseas victims of terror attacks, and then explore how some baby boomers are starting to retrain so they can gain in-demand skills.