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Noah Feldman

Todos Santos is just 50 miles north of the fancy hotels and gated resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Same glittering turquoise Pacific coastline, fewer golf courses.

But construction is underway on a mega resort called Tres Santos that bills itself as local-friendly. And blending in hasn’t exactly been easy.

The promo video for Tres Santos sells a free range, locally sourced lifestyle. Bronze-skinned yogis salute the sun at the water’s edge; families sample fresh tomatoes off the vine.

Conventions are go-time for lobbyists and advocates

Jul 28, 2016
D Gorenstein

It's easy to think political conventions are all about the speeches and the pageantry and the sign-waving, but they're also a business opportunity.

A great chance for lobbyists to come and schmooze with decision makers trapped in one convenient location.

Suzanne Ffolkes is Vice President of Communications at Research!America, a nonpartisan group that advocates for medical and scientific research.

The organization lobbies and educates Congress on behalf of academia, patient advocacy groups, research institutions and major companies.

Boeing may retire the 747

Jul 28, 2016
Ashley Milne-Tyte

Boeing just released earnings results, and it announced its first quarterly loss in almost seven years. Write-downs related to new planes were responsible for much of that, but then the company slipped another piece of news into a regulatory filing.

Boeing said it may stop making the iconic 747 aircraft. Yes, the original jumbo jet may finally be phased out after 45 years of service. Airlines just aren’t buying it – or any other large plane – like they used to.

A 1969 PanAm ad captured the marvel people felt at the first huge passenger jet.