Tales from the South

Thursdays, 8-8:30 p.m. on KUAR
  • Hosted by Paula Morell

True stories told by the Southerners who lived them. The program is recorded in front of a live audience at restaurants and venues throughout Arkansas and the South.

The program is hosted by Paula Martin Morell.

Tales from the South welcomes submissions from all Arkansans. Visit the program's website to learn more.

A note about program scheduling:

Shows are recorded on Tuesday nights and air on KUAR two weeks later on Thursday night.

The podcast of the show that airs Thursday is posted on that morning.

On this bonus podcast, from May 2013, stories about when things take a turn for the worse: Gary Briggs - Blondes Have More Fun / Sam Hedges - Farming and Love, A Tale of Tragedy / Timoth Ty Gentry - Eggs, Bacon and Baby. Musical guest Amy Garland Angel.

On this week's show, stories about unforeseen circumstances: J.B. Hogan - A Small Concussion / Ken Magoy - A Willie Weekend / Vicki Penny - Oh, She Didn't Say THAT!. Musical guest Tyrannosaurus Chicken.

On this bonus podcast it's our Delta Music Show from 2013 with "Sunshine" Sonny Payne, host of the legendary "King Biscuit Time" radio show on KFFA in Helena, Arkansas. Sonny tells "Tales from the Biscuit" and   answers questions from Paula and the audience. Musical guest The Salty Dogs.



TFTS-221 "Clinton Encounters" November 24, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

On this week's show, stories about encounters with former President Bill Clinton: Barry McVinney - Tooting My Own Horn / Jenny Carlisle - Idiots for Clinton / Tyler Thompson - Clinton and the Good Ole Governors / Ron Hughes - Jammin' with Bill. Musical guest Mark Currey.

On this bonus podcast, from May 2013, an encore presentation of Tin Roof Project #32 with long distance runner Leah Thorvilson reading "Heart and Soul" and QnA with Paula and the audience. Musical guest The Salty Dogs.


TFTS-220 "Flying Solo" November 17, 2014

Nov 17, 2014

On this week's show, stories about doing it alone: Gary Pittman - Bluebird Basketball / Randi Romo - Fireworks / Michael Hylden - I Got a Bite. Musical guests Amy and Brad Williams.

On this bonus podcast from May 2013, JFK: Witnessing History #1 & #2,  a 2 part show with stories about where our storytellers were during those fateful days.  J.B. Hogan - Walk on /  George Smith - The Day Hope Died / Kay Fisher - A Private Goodbye / Mary Beck - Family Ties / Deborah Carroll - Innocence Lost / Sandra Spotts Hamilton - Walking to Camelot / Tim Bennett Father and Son. Musical guests Justin McGoldrick and Audrey Dean Kelley.


TFTS-218 "Arkansas Made" November 10, 2014

Nov 10, 2014

On this week's show, stories about things Arkansas made: Denise Parkinson - The Legend of Happy Hollow / Alan Hale - Learning to Live / Haley Villines - It's Not Just a Game. Musical guest Brad Williams.

On this bonus podcast, stories about matters of trust: Jenny Carlisle - Perfect Weather for Scouting / Martha Eshleman - The Warrior Round / Mike Noland - Pine-Sol. Musical guest Audrey Kelley.

TFTS-217 "Split Second Decisions" November 3, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

On this week's show, stories about making split second decisions: Corrie Roberts - Every Girl Needs a Sister / Ben Burton - Forgive Them Father / Gordon Smith - Hide and Seek. Musical guest Brad Williams.