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The blackout in Puerto Rico is hurting hospitals

9 hours ago

Puerto Rico still hasn't recovered from Hurricane Maria. Along with the enormous human impact, the island's infrastructure is in disrepair. The Associated Press reports that over 40 percent of the island's power customers continue to live without electricity. Now the effects are being felt in the wider American economy. A big chunk of the IV bags hospitals use to administer fluids and drugs to patients are manufactured in Puerto Rico. That's lead to a shortage on the mainland just in time for flu season.

01/08/2018: The farm economy in the Trump era

11 hours ago

President Donald Trump was in Nashville, Tennessee, today, giving the keynote address at the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation. We're starting today's show with everything you need to know about the ag economy in 2018, and what farmers are looking for from the president. Then: It's been 110 days since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. More than 40 percent of the island is still without power, and that's starting to have ripple effects throughout the wider American economy. Plus, Los Angeles' new strategy for dealing with overdue library books.

At school, sixth-grader Jonatan Morales gets in trouble for possibly the best reason.

“I get in trouble for reading,” he said with a chuckle. “During class, I’m supposed to pay attention to the teacher, but I just have my head down, reading.”

Which books consume his time? “Good books, not bad books,” he said. Jonatan checks out those good books – lots of comics – from the East Los Angeles Library and sometimes holds on to them for a little too long.

This is what corporate boards actually do

13 hours ago

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to learn more about how the economy works, you might consider asking: "What exactly do corporate boards do anyhow?" It's a subject that Jena McGregor, who covers leadership issues for the Washington Post, is well versed in. What follows is an edited transcription of her conversation with Kai Ryssdal.

The full interview is available on the Corner Office podcast

Can you gracefully quit your job?

13 hours ago

If you've ever considered leaving your job — maybe for a better opportunity, maybe just out of frustration — you're not alone. For Ask a Manager's Alison Green, it's a topic that comes up all the time ... how to leave your current job without burning any bridges.  We're looking for stories and questions about quitting. Have you left your position? Wanted to? Wondered what the best way would be? If you're the boss, what's it like when someone quits?

Millennials think America is headed in the wrong direction

14 hours ago

We're nearing the one-year mark of the Trump administration. With policies that are starkly different from the previous eight years under President Barack Obama, how are young people feeling about the future of the country?

What the loss of a mill means to a town

15 hours ago

The papermaking past of Camas, Washington, is entrenched in the town’s DNA. Nowhere is that more apparent than when you walk into the high school auditorium, where the varsity basketball team is playing its season opener. This is the home of the Papermakers. The name alludes to the 134-year old paper mill that at its peak was the second largest in the world, employing nearly 3,000 people. The company Georgia-Pacific recently announced it will begin to shut down most of its production, a sign that the landmark on the Columbia River may soon disappear.

01/08/2018: We might finally see better wage growth

15 hours ago

(Markets Edition) Following the recent release of the December jobs report, we'll talk to economist Diane Swonk about what's in store this year. Unemployment might drop even further and wages could (finally) start accelerating. Afterwards, we'll look at how two big Apple investors have called on the company to address the issue of "smartphone addiction." Finally, we'll discuss how big data might be able to improve cyclist safety.

Raizy Reider was standing in the middle of what used to be her garage, surrounded by racks and racks of clothes when her son popped his head in to announce her first client. The clock had just struck 2:30 pm. It was time for the pop-up holiday shopping event, which Reider organized, to begin.

“There is someone! I see legs!” Reider said as the garage door rattled open. “It’s going to be super crowded. I am so excited.”

Congress faces another deadline to pass government funding on Jan. 19. That’s when the latest of three stop-gap funding measures expires. For years, Congress has relied on what are called continuing resolutions to prevent government shutdowns when the parties can’t agree on full appropriations bills, and fiscal year 2018 is no different.