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Searcy Police chief jeremy clark

The Searcy police chief has resigned after his home was searched by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Searcy Mayor David Morris told reporters at a brief news conference Tuesday afternoon that Police Chief Jeremy Clark resigned, effective immediately. Morris said he can't comment further because of an ongoing investigation.

Clark did not return phone calls seeking comment. KATV-TV reports that Clark denied wrongdoing and said he's the subject of an arson investigation.

Talk Business & Politics

With state lawmakers gearing up for a continuation of their debate over changes to the state’s prison system, sentencing guidelines, and parole and probation protocol, there is a push for more transparency to the convoluted and complicated process of criminal justice.

Appearing on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics, which airs Monday evening at 6:06 on KUAR, Sens. David Sanders and Jeremy Hutchinson and Rep. John Vines discussed what they see as problems and potential solutions to the challenge.

Firing squad capitol punishment
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An Arkansas lawmaker whose daughter was murdered by a man now on death row says she will file a bill legalizing firing squads after a Senate committee passed a bill to ban capital punishment.

Republican Rep. Rebecca Petty of Rogers said she plans to introduce a bill this week instructing the state to consider other execution methods, including firing squads. Arkansas has 32 inmates on death row, but hasn't executed anyone since 2005 due to ongoing legal challenges over lethal injection protocol.

Cyberattack Touches 39,000 Arkansas Consumers With Blue Cross Plans

Feb 26, 2015

Some 39,000 Arkansas consumers were impacted by the massive data breach that hit one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers in late January, including nine individuals who had their Social Security information breached, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield spokesman Max Greenwood told Talk Business & Politics on Wednesday.

A proposal to abolish Arkansas' death penalty is heading to the state Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved legislation that would eliminate the death penalty as a sentencing option in capital murder cases.

Arkansas has 32 inmates on death row but hasn't executed anyone in nearly a decade due to legal challenges over the state's lethal injection procedures.

Arkansas' Supreme Court says police were wrong to barge into a bank robbery suspect's hotel room after receiving an anonymous tip, but it upheld the man's conviction because other evidence was so overwhelming.

Isaac Evans had wanted the court to reverse his conviction. Justices upheld his life sentence Thursday, saying eyewitness testimony was so strong that a nighttime police raid was a "harmless error."

The court said bank tellers and Evans' brother-in-law linked Evans to the February 2013 robbery at a Simmons Bank branch in Little Rock.

Authorities say pneumonia resulting from mixed drug intoxication killed a man charged in the 2013 traffic death of a Conway police officer.

The Log Cabin Democrat reports that Barry Strickland's death certificate says he had a mix of morphine, amphetamine, muscle relaxer, and anti-anxiety medications in his system when he was found dead at his parents' house in November.

A bond hearing is scheduled for an Arkansas pharmacist who has been arrested for allegedly distributing controlled drugs illegally.

U.S. Attorney Christopher R. Thyer says Christopher Watson, a Perry County pharmacist, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of illegal distribution of a controlled substance. A bond hearing is scheduled for Watson Thursday afternoon.

Court records do not indicate Watson has entered a plea to the charge. His attorney, Frank Shaw, did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are seeking information about the recent shooting of a bald eagle.

Several other agencies, including the Humane Society of the United States, are offering a reward up to $7,500 for information leading to a conviction of those responsible for the incident.

Authorities say two men who briefly escaped while awaiting booking at the Jefferson County jail are back in custody.

Pine Bluff police arrested 26-year-old Corderro Foster and 24-year-old Justin Cartwright in an alleged armed robbery on Wednesday and took them back to the jail.

Spokesman Maj. Lafayette Woods Jr. of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says the men knocked down a jailer and bolted out of a door. Law enforcement officials spotted the men several hours later less than a mile away and arrested them.