Week-In-Review Podcast

Two and a half weeks before Arkansas's presidential primary, the election and ramifications from the New Hampshire vote dominate the podcast this week. We include comments from UALR political science professor Greg Shufeldt and leaders of the state campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

On this week's program:

--Some shake-ups at DHS: The state Child welfare director announces she’s resigning. A report shows negligence at a Booneville Human Development Center. And when will the agency get new leadership at the top?

--The politics of sentencing: How do Arkansas’s U.S. Senate candidates stand on mandatory minimums? 

---The Arkansas Medical Board changes some key terms in the state’s regulations on abortions. We’ll examine the reasons behind the decision and how it might sit with Republican lawmakers.

As Arkansas recovers from several inches of snow, the KUAR news team assembled for this week's podcast. On the program: a long-awaited proposal from Gov. Asa Hutchinson on how he wants to address a highway funding shortfall, the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to consider the state's 12 week abortion ban, and a look at Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and renewed discussion about whether it should be jointly celebrated with Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

On this week's podcast, a look at the final goodbye for former Senator and Governor Dale Bumpers, a high profile murder trial begins in Little Rock, the state is one step closer to perhaps starting its first dental college and Arkansas lawmakers try to understand the ins and outs of what it means for schools to be in academic distress.

On this week's podcast, a look at Gov. Asa Hutchinson's push for one special session to address changes to Medicaid and highway funding, the Little Rock School District advancing plans for two new schools and a look back at the career of Arkansas political legend Dale Bumpers.

Two big stories lead this week's podcast: a task force agrees with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson's push for changes to the state's Medicaid expansion plan and a look at how the state's congressional delegation voted on an omnibus bill funding the federal government through next September.

Topping KUAR's Week-In-Review Podcast this week is the scare at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, when a distraught man armed with a shotgun forced a panicked lockdown of the campus.

The news staff also discusses a state Supreme Court decision over birth certificates for the children of same-sex couples, the Arkansas congressional delegation's response to Donald Trump, Little Rock city leaders on the budget for the coming year and what a highway bill passed late last week will mean for Arkansas.

KASU News Director Johnathan Reaves joins us for the discussion.

KUAR's Michael Hibblen and Jacob Kauffman talk about the top stories heading into the holiday weekend.

They discuss a decision by a Pulaski County Judge over same-sex couples being listed on Arkansas birth certificates, what's expected by Arkansas retailers during the coming shopping season, and the arrival  in North Little Rock of the Hoga, a tugboat present at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked the U.S. 74 years ago.

On this edition of the Week In Review podcast:

Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Congressional delegation weigh in on Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Department of Humans Services officials tell lawmakers the shortage of foster homes in the state is becoming worse.

A group charged with finding funding for highways in Arkansas inches closer to final recommendations. The governor suggests three of four are dead on arrival (no new taxes).