Arkansas Trails

Arkansas Trails is a series of 1-minute spots on hiking, biking, and paddling in the Natural State. The series is created by Johnnie Chamberlin, the author of Trails of Central Arkansas and Trails of Little Rock

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The theme song for Arkansas Trails is performed by the Arkansas band The Cons of Formant

The Ouachita Trail (The OT)

Oct 16, 2013

Starting at Pinnacle Mountain and running 223 miles west to Talimena State Park in Oklahoma, the Ouachita Trail, often called “The OT”, is one of the longest and most challenging hiking trails in the state.

Heading west from Pinnacle, the trail runs along the north shore of Lake Maumelle.

It then goes through some private property and into the Ouachita National Forest, where it passes near Lake Silvia - a great place to take a swim break.

The trail then passes through the Flatside Wilderness Area and much later through Queen Wilhelmina State Park.

Fourche Creek

Oct 16, 2013

Fourche Creek flows from Ferndale, to Southwest Little Rock, through the heart of the state's capital, past the airport and into the Arkansas River.

Due to its unique placement, passing through three of the state's major ecoregions, the character of Fourche Creek changes dramatically over its relatively short length.

Upstream, the creek is clear with a gravel bottom and lined with river birch, box elder, sycamore, and pines.