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Southern History play
11:57 pm
Thu August 23, 2012

Little Rock Play Tackles Southern History From Slavery To Civil Rights Era

Southern Cross ends its run at the Weekend Theater August 24th and 25th
Credit Malcolm Glover

Conversations about racism, discrimination, and prejudice are never easy. People are sometimes unwilling to express their true feelings on issues of race for fear of being labeled racist, militant, or just too stubborn to let go of the past. However, a group of actors in Little Rock are learning, through a play titled Southern Cross, audiences can find new ways to discuss tough topics.

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Glover Plays Dr. King
11:02 am
Mon August 20, 2012

KUAR’s Malcolm Glover Becomes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In New Play

Malcolm Glover as Dr. King in the Weekend Theater's production of Southern Cross.

Malcolm Glover, a reporter and KUAR's local host during Morning Edition, joins a group of actors in The Weekend Theater's production of Southern Cross. Glover takes on the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the epic play that provides a fascinating look at Southern history and culture from the Civil War to the Civil Rights era. This is Glover's second time performing with the Little Rock-based theater troupe.

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Supreme Court
12:00 am
Thu May 31, 2012

Justice Stevens: Supreme Court Likely Regrets Citizens United

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens told a Little Rock crowd Wednesday he thinks the US Supreme Court is showing regret over its recent and controversial Citizen’s United decision.

Justice Stevens quoted President Barack Obama’s January 2010 State of the Union address to illustrate his continuing opposition to the high court’s ruling on the controversial Citizens United case.

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Medicaid and Youth Home 2
11:00 pm
Mon May 28, 2012

Arkansas Medicaid Funding And Youth Home: Part Two

Kesia Clemons, a unit manager at Youth Home, talks to FM 89 News inside Crestview House.
Credit Malcolm Glover

A $39.4 million increase in Arkansas’s revenue forecast for the last two months of the fiscal year means the state can fund second-tier annual budget priorities and provide some money for Medicaid.

However, analysts note the positive trend in revenue collections will do little to close a looming $400 million Medicaid shortfall in two years, a deficit of great concern to many organizations that provide health services.

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Local & Regional News
7:55 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Looking Back At Early Arkansas Mug Shots

Courtesy of Bruce Jackson

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:14 am

Across the South and other regions of the U.S., a new form of tabloid has emerged. Rather than celebrities, these magazines show mug shots of the recently arrested — in different cities around the country. And they seem to be selling like hotcakes. In Arkansas, for example, The Slammer sells 7,000 copies a week. But law enforcement says it doesn't help solve cases — it's just voyeuristic.

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Medicaid and Youth Home 1
7:56 am
Tue May 22, 2012

Arkansas Medicaid Funding And Youth Home: Part One

Michelle Blaney at the campus of Youth Home.
Credit Malcolm Glover

As Arkansas officials prepare for a Medicaid shortfall of close to $400 million in 2014, many organizations that rely on those funds are battling budgetary constraints to continue providing necessary services that meet the needs of their patients.

On a rainy afternoon in a rural corner of West Little Rock, 20-year old Michelle Blaney from Bryant returns to the campus of Youth Home, the oldest and largest psychiatric treatment facility for adolescents in Arkansas.

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Alternative Transportation
1:30 pm
Thu May 10, 2012

Electric Cars Moving Slowly To Arkansas

Don Bearden next to his DIY electric vehicle as it charges at the Clinton Presidential Center's charging station.
Nathan Vandiver KUAR

Electric cars are entering the automotive market in Arkansas ever so slowly.

Fully electric cars have been on showroom floors for the last six months in the state. A few early adopters have been taking notice but finding an electric car on the road in central Arkansas can be an elusive task.

Don Bearden drives an electric vehicle, but he went the do-it-yourself route and built his own from a small truck and a forklift. Though, his car is more of a grocery-getter than a commuter.

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google artwork
11:51 pm
Tue May 1, 2012

Little Rock 5th Grader Is A National Finalist For Google Art Contest

Kouadio Kondo's artwork for the Doodle 4 Google Competition

A fifth grader from Otter Creek Elementary School in Little Rock will soon be headed to New York City, as one of only 50 state winners in the Doodle 4 Google competition. Out of more than 114,000 students who submitted entries this year, 11-year old Kouadio Kondo was selected as a national finalist due to his futuristic artist rendering of the Google logo.

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Human Trafficking
12:37 pm
Tue April 24, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder Highlights Efforts To Fight Human Trafficking

  Attorney General Eric Holder told a Little Rock crowd Tuesday night, he will designate an employee to oversee the Justice Department’s prosecution efforts for human trafficking crimes.

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Arkansas Politics
12:00 am
Fri March 9, 2012

Ark. Legislature Adjourns, House Chooses First Black Speaker

Rep. Darrin Williams (D-Little Rock) speaks to reporters after being voted House Speaker Designate.
Credit Nathan Vandiver / KUAR

Members of the Arkansas House of Representatives, by a 54-46 vote Friday, chose Rep. Darrin Williams (D-Little Rock) to be the next Speaker of the House.


"It is such an honor ... I am thrilled beyond measure and I am humbled," Williams said of the vote.

The vote was historic because Willams is the first black speaker of the Arkansas house of representatives.

Williams told reporters he acknowleges the historical significance and he's happy his kids can see it, but historical significance is not why he ran.

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