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Friends Of KLRE/KUAR Annual Meeting

Nov 7, 2014

Public radio listeners are invited to the Friends of KLRE/KUAR Annual Meeting this Thursday, Nov. 13 at the Oxford American offices, 1300 South Main, in downtown Little Rock. The event is 5-7 p.m.

Festivities include a reception with food from South on Main and drinks from O'Looney's Wine and Liquor. Listeners can visit with station staff, members of the Board of Directors of the Friends of KLRE/KUAR, and other public radio listeners.

Elections matter, but let's be fair. If you're any kind of normal person (sorry, D.C. folks), it's nearly impossible to follow them all.

NPR's got you covered. Join the #NPRparty and check out the many ways we've made it super easy to follow the elections news that got you to the polls (and on social media). Don't forget to keep your conversations real, honest and open...and tag your posts #NPRparty.

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Today we launch the new face of NPR Music.

We have a new home page this morning, and the experience brings you closer to the beating heart of the music than ever before. Optimized across platforms, the new page has a mission.

We want to tell you why we fell in love with certain songs, artists, shows, and stories – and give you reasons to fall for them, too. Whether you're new to NPR Music or you've been with us forever, we hope you like the changes.

How To Experience Jazz Night In America

Oct 9, 2014

Let's be real, Millennials. The chatter surrounding our generation isn't always super flattering. Perhaps some of it is even a tiny bit unfair (haters gonna hate). The thing is: we control our legacy.

So, Millennials. Who are we? How do we identify ourselves and define our generation's culture? Where do we fit into this world and how are we reshaping it?*

KUAR and KLRE were off the air for several hours Monday morning due to after an outage caused by an overnight storm. The stations were without power since 3:16 this morning until shortly before 7 a.m.

General Manager Ben Fry said the University of Arkansas Little Rock Facilities Management worked to get the stations' power back on the air. 

“There have been several power outages on campus. One of them [affected] the power that comes into the control rooms for KUAR and KLRE. It’s [turned] off the power for our vital systems,” he said.

KUAR and the Old State House will present  a screening of The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) on Friday, Oct. 10,  at the Old State House Museum, as part of the Second Friday Cinema series.


American Public Media

Starting on Monday, September 22, American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report will be featured daily as part of Morning Edition, broadening the reach of this robust business segment.

The seven-minute business news segment is hosted by veteran journalist David Brancaccio.

In Central Washington, two public radio stations, Northwest Public Radio (NWPR) and KDNA, have started a new initiative to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps between communities. The motivation is straightforward: public radio station NWPR has partnered with Spanish-language radio station KDNA to create and share content for broadcast. Combining reporting and digital services teams between stations, this partnership is tackling the issues of their respective communities, bilingually.

The Politics of the War of 1812 – and Now

Aug 26, 2014

Being called upon to do live political commentary on the day the White House was burned in 1814 — and to get to argue with my friend David Brooks over the merits of the War of 1812 – was a journalistic assignment like no other. It's obvious that it was fun (I hope it was as much fun for listeners).