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Here at NPR, like many work places, it's not uncommon for two or more staffers to show up at work inadvertently dressed alike. Men in polo shirts and khakis, women in sweater dresses, everyone in checked button-downs and jeans.

"Oh, didn't you get the memo?" they often joke for the rest of the day.

This happens so frequently at NPR West, that I've started to photographing all the accidental twins to show off look-alikes. (Just scroll through the @NPRWest Twitter feed for some examples.)

Make Your Giving Tuesday Contribution Now

Black Friday... Cyber Monday... now it's Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations, like your public radio stations in central Arkansas. 

It's a national day of contributing to organizations that serve our communities all year long. 

Half a century after President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, and 10-score years since President Lincoln delivered his unionizing Gettysburg Address, how is it that we continue to unearth new facts, view America's most defining moments through new lenses and seek out opportunities to re-purpose the

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a busy day on our country's calendar. Some Americans will be entertaining family, and some will brave the crowds in search of Black Friday deals, others will be working and this year some will observe the second day of Hanukkah. However, with its proximity to Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it's no coincidence that Friday, November 29, also happens to be the National Day of Listening, a holiday started by our friends at StoryCorps in 2008.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all, Love NPR

Nov 27, 2013

Some will be working behind a desk (or mic) during the holiday this week, while others are traveling or gathering to enjoy a special meal. So wherever you are this Thursday, we hope you'll take a moment to make your thanks public, and let someone know why they're special in your life.

For us, that's you and our colleagues all around the country (especially those that are on air this week).

Here's to a sound Thanksgiving Day for all!

Love, your friends in public radio

We like to celebrate great traditions at NPR. Actually, it's fair to say we relish them.

This Thanksgiving, treat yourself to more than that extra serving of granny's finest green bean casserole. All Things Considered is serving up a special performance and interview with John Mayer.

Courtesy of StoryCorps

KUAR will air special programming on Thanksgiving Day from 2-4 p.m.

Ties the Bind: A StoryCorps 10th Anniversary Special will air 2-3 p.m. and again at 9 p.m. It looks back on the last decade of the program that celebrates everyday people on public radio.

Curious Listener: The Spoil(er Alert)s of War

Nov 25, 2013

For a news organization, the question of when spoiler alerts may be appropriate can be a nuanced one. It's certainly not unreasonable for listeners to hope that NPR might avoid revealing key plot points or endings when reviewing books and movies. But what if those books or movies are based on real life events? And what if those events have already been reported in the news?

NPR On Google Play's New Newsstand

Nov 22, 2013

This week Google introduced Google Play Newsstand, an app for Android phones and tablets that brings a number of news sources together in one place. We are pleased to be one of the first audio partners with Google Play Newsstand, where you're able to read NPR stories, listen and engage, on and offline.

So, just what is Newsstand? It combines the elements of two of Google's existing apps - Currents and Magazines - and brings news sites, blogs, newspapers and magazines together in one place.