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A new bookstore opened in Iran. Not just any bookstore - a store that Iran claims to be the largest in the world. And it certainly is a contender.


Even the most commonplace devices in our world had to be invented by someone.

Take the windshield wiper. It may seem hard to imagine a world without windshield wipers, but there was one, and Mary Anderson lived in that world.

In 1902, Anderson was visiting New York City.

President Trump's son and former campaign chairman are both expected to meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, but in a move that's irritated some Democrats, they will reportedly not be put under oath to answer the panel's questions.

Just how expensive are those wedding bells?

13 hours ago

Wedding bells are not tolling as loudly nowadays as they used to. As marriage rates in the U.S. have fallen, so has the business of weddings. Even Las Vegas — the destination for spontaneous weddings — has taken a hit.

The modern Planet of the Apes reboot begins with a research chimpanzee being raised in an American home. It's a pretty plausible premise — that exact scenario has played out in the real world many times.

Telecom giant AT&T will report its second quarter earnings after the market closes today. The company’s shares are down 15 percent this year amid increased competition among wireless providers and more cord cutting in the cable space. Now AT&T is going for a big deal to help it stay ahead of the curve.

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Drug prices: how generics changed the game

15 hours ago

For a time, high drug prices made headlines, and it looked like the issue could be tackled by the Trump administration. But as we all know, efforts to repeal Obamacare have consumed Republicans much of this year.

The drug problem hasn’t gone away; it’s just lingering in the background. Even the cost of some generic drugs are rising.

If an event is branded as annual but it happens only once, can it still be called annual? This is the case for Pyongyang's "annual" Taedonggang Beer Festival, the second of which was slated to take place during August.

China-based tour company Koryo Tours, which is among the go-to tour groups organizing trips into North Korea, writes on its blog that it was "informed" North Korean organizers have canceled the event.

Tech jobs are spreading to other parts of the country

16 hours ago

When we think of tech, we think Silicon Valley. But that could change. Places like Omaha, Nebraska and Philadelphia are becoming promising areas for startups to develop and grow. In this series, we’re looking for cities that might become home to the next big thing.

07/25/2017: RIP, Microsoft Paint (1985-2017)

17 hours ago

With many cities trying to become the next Silicon Valley or tech hubs in their own right, the job site Indeed decided to take a look at where job growth is actually happening. Turns out the same places (think San Francisco) still have a money monopoly on the market. But there are some promising areas. Indeed's chief economist Jed Kolko stops by to break down the site's findings with us.