Sarah Whites-Koditschek

Reporter / Anchor

Sarah Whites-Koditschek is a reporter and anchor for KUAR 89.1.

She was a production assistant and reporter for WHYY in Philadelphia. She also interned at NPR’s Morning Edition in Los Angeles.

Sarah is a graduate of Smith College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in American Studies. She was a student at the Stabile Center For Investigative Journalism at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.


Teacher Insurance
4:12 pm
Tue August 26, 2014

Legislators Continue To Look For Longterm Solution For Teacher Insurance Problems

Senator Jim Hendren of Gravette

State legislators continue to look for a solution to the long beleaguered retirement program for public school employees.

A task force led by Republican Senate Majority Leader Jim Hendren heard remarks Tuesday from an array of education and benefits officials in a preliminary discussion about merging the school employee plan with a state employee plan. Hendren says after the meeting, he doesn’t expect the legislature to pursue merging the two.

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Local & Regional News
8:21 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Ross and Hutchinson Agree About Plans to Support Veterans

Mike Ross speaks to supporters about his priorities for aiding veterans.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross said today he wants to empower the state's veterans commission, push for tax exemptions for retired military members and increase funding for treatment courts for veterans.

Ross announced his plan for serving Arkansas veterans today. He said with a national average of 22 veteran suicides a day, the state's next governor can't be complacent in his attention to the needs of the nearly 260,000 veterans living in Arkansas.

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Local & Regional News
1:24 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Little Rock School Board Discusses Plans to Restructure Schools And Raise Funds

Little Rock School District board members at their annual retreat.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

The Little Rock School District board held its annual retreat on Friday evening to brainstorm about raising funds for needed school improvements costing up to $500 million. The board also wants to make a plan for improving six schools the state has categorized as being in distress.

According to school board president, Greg Adams, the board has a lot to parse out at the start of this school year.

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Local & Regional News
4:32 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

State Legislators Review Problems With 911 Systems In Arkansas

Lawmakers review issues with local 911 systems Thursday.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

State lawmakers are looking into problems with 911 systems across Arkansas. On Thursday, a legislative committee reviewed technological and staffing discrepancies between county systems.

State Senator Missy Irvin from Mountian View said some 911 call centers are run by police or fire departments. Others are run by volunteers that can’t consistently track the locations of incoming callers.

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Local & Regional News
3:01 pm
Wed August 20, 2014

High Temperatures Reach Arkansas

Hot temperatures have hit central Arkansas after a record cool July. Central and Eastern Arkansas have temperatures in the high 90's with heat indexes above 100 degrees.  According to Charles Dalton of the National Weather Service, these temperatures are not out of the ordinary for August.

“We’ve got really strong upper level high pressure building across the central gulf states including Arkansas. So, we’ve had an a-typical summertime weather pattern stretching back the past couple of weeks and it’s just kind of swapped to a more normal pattern,” said Dalton.

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Local & Regional News
2:33 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Proposes Renovations

The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport announced a $20.5 million concourse renovation plan Tuesday. The proposal includes a modernized interior, additional gate seating with chargers for portable devices, new jet bridges and new arrival and departure monitors.

According to Ronald Mathieu, Executive Director of the Clinton National Airport, ridership was down five percent last year. He said interior improvements will be good for business.

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Local & Regional News
9:09 am
Mon August 18, 2014

School Board Weighs Options For Building Improvements

Little Rock School Board officials are deliberating over whether to re-purpose some elementary schools for older kids after the results of a study from a private consultant recommended repairs and expansions costing up to $500 million.

Carl Baxmeyer of Fanning-Howey architecture and engineering firm of Indianapolis, says his company found some elementary schools might be put to better use.

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Local & Regional News
6:25 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Clinton Speaks at Southern Governors' Association Gathering

Former President Bill Clinton at the Southern Governors' Association's annual meeting in Little Rock.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

Former President Bill Clinton addressed the Southern Governors’ Association’s annual meeting afternoon in downtown Little Rock Friday.

He spoke on the importance of internet access and educational technology in rural and underserved urban areas to achieve a more egalitarian south.

“Nobody in this room who has been alive at a time of fuller possibility than the the present moment,” he said to the group of lawmakers and industry representatives.

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arkansas crime
5:58 pm
Wed August 13, 2014

Report On Human Trafficking Encourages Reform in Arkansas

Lawmakers listen to the report findings.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

A task force on human trafficking has released a report to address the growing problem of forced labor and sexual exploitation in the state.

In 2013, the Arkansas General Assembly enacted the Arkansas Human Trafficking Act and made human trafficking a felony crime. Brad Phelps, Chief Deputy Attorney General, presented the report’s findings to lawmakers today.

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arkansas environment
6:58 pm
Tue August 12, 2014

State Legislators Pass Resolution Against Proposed EPA Restrictions

State lawmakers are opposing the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rules to reduce CO2 emissions in Arkansas 44 percent by 2030. 

On Tuesday, the Arkansas Senate and House committees on Insurance and Commerce passed a resolution against the plan.

Duane Highley, President and CEO of the Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, told lawmakers the new regulations would mean replacing coal energy. He said that would lead to an increase electricity rates and could drive away industry. 

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