$130 Million Awarded To 92 Arkansas School Districts

Apr 25, 2013

More than $130 million has been awarded to 92 school districts for construction projects next year.

The projects were approved Wednesday by the Commission for Arkansas Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation.  

The largest single project was granted to the Bentonville School District, which received more than $15 million for the possible construction of a high school.  

Other projects approved Wednesday include $4 million for a high school addition and $4.7 million for an auditorium in the Bryant School District, $5 .7 million for a new middle school in the Brookland School District and $3.5 million for a new elementary school in the Greenbrier School District.  

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports the state ranks proposals based on the condition of existing  buildings, projected enrollment and property values in the district.