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7:47 am
Sun May 5, 2013

4-30-2013 Tinkering

Visitor Experience Director at the Little Rock Museum of Discovery is my middle generation guest for this program on 'Tinkering'. He describes many of the exciting elements revolving around tinkering now on display at the museum along with his invitation to 'Tinkerfest' coming up on June 16th at the museum. I handled the older generation...since I am both 'older' and a hopeless tinkerer. Jackson Lowry is only 14 and put us both to shame with his outstanding youthful excitement about tinkering. This is a very light hearted discussion about a really significant element of our social structure going back to the beginnings of time.

A generational discusion about 'Tinkering' that brings the older generation definitions and uses together with the younger generation's re-defined definitions and uses.