Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
5:36 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

4-9-2013 Social Security

UALR Professor Dr. Art English from the older generation along with Associate State Director of Communications AARP Micheal Rowett and UALR student Kay Moore are my guests for this interesting discussion on Social Security...then, now and the years ahead.

Prior to 1935 our society, as a general rule, did not foster programs that tried to aid the elderly as they aged beyond 65 years. With the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935, our society and culture began to revere our older generation and set in place a financial security net that has served the Lost, the GI and the Silent generations very well; but what about the Boomers and beyond? Will we return to a time when we disregard our elderly...just as we have, from time to time, disregarded and discarded the younger generations? Listen to the program and leave your thoughts.