ALL THE VIDEOS: Holiday Edition

Dec 25, 2013

'Tis the season — and the NPR family has been celebrating accordingly. From our all-staff holiday relay, to musings on holiday movies, to a group sing-a-long from Morning Edition, there has been plenty of merriment to go around.

Time and again, we are floored by the talent and creativity of our friends, colleagues, and the entire NPR community. Luckily, some of our very favorite moments from this year's holiday season can be relived, over and over: just press play.

1. That time the Monkey See crew solved the "Love Actually" debate:

2.That time our interns reminded us that they are the happiest group around:

3. That time we were spoofed with Holiday Greetings from 'NPR' that made us laugh out loud:

Has there been any NPR in your celebrations this year? Don't be shy: leave us a comment below. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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