The American Red Cross Encourages People To Donate Blood

Dec 10, 2013

Credit Arkansas Red Cross

The American Red Cross in Arkansas is encouraging people to donate blood throughout the holiday season.

More than 30 blood drives across the state were cancelled due to the recent ice storm, leaving the organization short by about 1,000 donors. Marci Manley, spokeswoman for the Red Cross, says historically the winter months are a tough time for collecting enough blood donations.

“Holiday travel, inclement weather, and seasonal illnesses all play a role in keeping regular donors, or those that are thinking about donating, from actually doing so,” said Manley. “It can be a challenging time for us to meet patient need.”

She says the need for blood, however, does not diminish.

“The patients we serve do not get a snow day from being sick, they don’t get a holiday from being sick and needing blood. We constantly need those blood donations coming in so we can make sure there is a sufficient supply.”

Manley says there are blood donation opportunities almost daily in many areas in the state. The Little Rock donation center is open every day of the week and there are blood drives regularly at community sponsors.

All blood types are needed, but they are especially encouraging eligible donors with O positive,  O negative, A negative, and B negative to donate.

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-REDCROSS.