Arkansans With Connections to JFK Assassination

Nov 21, 2013

Officer Maurice McDonald

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we examine various Arkansans who were part of the events that happened that day. It's the topic of a story that reporter Evin Demirel has compiled for the Arkansas Times.

KUAR's Karen Tricot Steward spoke with DemirelĀ on Morning Edition.

Featured Arkansans include:

-Liz Carpenter, the former Arkansas Gazette D.C. Bureau writer

-Maurice McDonald of Camden, who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald. His story is told in the 2013 book Oswald and I.

-Long time Southwest Times Record newspaper editor Jack Moseley, who did one of the last interviews with President Kennedy and also covered Lee Harvey Oswald's funeralĀ 

-Arkansas Senator William Fulbright, who told President Kennedy he should not go to Dallas