Arkansas Attorney General Turns Down Bridge Investigation

Apr 16, 2015

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The Arkansas attorney general's office has referred a request to investigate the construction of two Washington County bridges to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

In a letter to Washington County Judge Marilyn Edwards, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says she does not have jurisdiction to investigate concerns the Stonewall Bridge and the Harvey Dowell Bridge are unsafe. Rutledge referred the request to the Highway Department and noted other concerns should be addressed in court.

A civil lawsuit was filed in December by a Washington County Road Department worker saying the construction crews "dangerously" deviated from the engineer's designs for the two bridges to meet deadlines.

Edwards sent a written request to Rutledge Wednesday. She also asked the Highway Department to inspect all county bridges built in the last 20 years.