Arkansas Author Offers Analysis Of Corporal Punishment In New Book

Oct 25, 2012

Pine Bluff resident Matthew Pate is the author of a new book titled Corporal Punishment Around the World, a text that provides an overview of those practices in various cultures that inflict pain to curb misconduct.

Dr. Matthew Pate, author of Corporal Punishment around the World, sits for an interview in the KUAR studios.
Credit Malcolm Glover

Pate was raised in White Hall, Arkansas and for about a decade he’s had a multifaceted law enforcement career, including a stint as a field agent for the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

“In looking at those places where corporal punishment persists, we can then start to examine the inequities in those societies and the full constellation of social arrangements and the distribution of power,” said Pate. “At the end of the day, [corporal punishment] is all about one group staking claim to the social, legal, moral, and political authority to subjugate, through punishment, any other portion of the population.”

Dr. Matthew Pate is currently writing a book for the University of Arkansas Press that will be a complete history of prisons in Arkansas.