Arkansas Chapter Of American Red Cross Are On Alert To Help Victims In Oklahoma

May 22, 2013

The Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross will be sending several disaster teams to Oklahoma after a devastating tornado caused the deaths of dozens of people and hundreds to lose their homes.


Spokeswoman Brigette Williams says the teams did not get sent earlier in the week because Arkansas was also anticipating some severe weather.

“We are on alert to be deployed to Oklahoma. Right now, we haven’t pulled the trigger for us to go, but our teams are ready. We do have, at this point, two nursing supervisors and a shelter supervisor that are on the ground providing support there,” said Williams.

Williams says financial donations from the public to the Red Cross will help the teams to be flexible in meeting the needs of the victims and their community.

“I know people’s hearts are in the right place, but to deliver clothing and furniture at this point in time, one, people don’t have any place to store it, and clothing right now, you’re talking about a logistical burden that you’re going to put on the community to have to take care of those items and right now that’s not where there priority is,” said Williams.