Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Launches New Website

Apr 22, 2015

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday launched a new website for, with a new design and features.

The re-design is intended to reach beyond the Little Rock bubble and into the homes and offices of all Arkansans.

The website has several features including all areas of the state and highlights a focus on job creation, economic development, computer science and other issues.

Hutchinson said the website will provide an opportunity for residents to learn and see the state’s beauty.

“Welcome to our new website. That is, welcome to your website. Our ultimate goal in launching this new site is to create an accessible, functional and fun way for all Arkansans to keep track of what we’re doing, where we’re going and how we’re getting there. By being ‘place-based,’ you’ll know when I’m coming your way, and our growing database of Natural State photographs — many submitted by Arkansans — highlight cities and towns from every region,” Hutchinson said. “Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you again and again.”


The website has several highlights and features. They include:

· GEOLOCATION – When you log on, this new site will establish your location and, in turn, provide a local feel, including the name and photo of that location. To change the location, click on the city and start typing.

· PHOTOS – Nearly every photo you see on the website was provided by an Arkansan who lives in that specified area, the governor said.

· METRICS – The four blue circles at the top of the homepage keep track of Governor Hutchinson’s “Promises Kept.” These metrics will update on a regular basis and switch in and out from time to time. At this time, the four metrics are: “Taxes Cut,” “Jobs Created,” “Businesses Created or Expanded,” and “Promises Kept.” Each metric is clickable and takes viewers to a specific page.

· “PROMISES KEPT” – This page measures the promises made by the Governor. They are broken down into: GREEN (“Completed”); YELLOW (“Completed, Ongoing”); or BLUE (“In Process”). Most promises lead to a specific page.

· LIVE TILES – In the middle of the homepage a user will find the “live tiles” section where specific content will be highlighted. Use the arrows to the left and right of the tiles to navigate through the highlighted content.

· MENU – Click the menu icon in the top right corner for all other content, including: “Our Office” (Boards & Commissions, Proclamations, Executive Orders), “Online Services” (Scheduling Requests, Proclamations Requests, State Seal Use Form, Internship Application, Citizen Alerts, Flag Status, etc.), “Contact Us” and Social Media links.

· “ASA ON THE ROAD” – When activated, this interactive map at the bottom of the homepage shows you where Gov. Hutchinson is going to be (GREEN), where he’s been (RED) and your location (BLUE).

· COMPUTER SCIENCE INITIATIVE – This portion of the site is an interactive page focusing on the Governor’s computer science initiative. There’s information, videos, computer coding games, resources, etc.

· “ASA & SUSAN” – This page has biographical information about the First Family and will record events that each of them conduct.