Arkansas House Committee Approves Anti-Abortion Proposal

Jan 29, 2015

Rep. Julie Mayberry, sponsor of the bill, looks over the abortion legislation Thursday.
Credit Jacob Kauffman / KUAR News

An Arkansas House committee has approved a proposal that would require a doctor to be present when women take abortion-inducing medication.

The Public Health, Welfare, and Labor committee Thursday voted to send the bill to the House. It would prevent any instance of the medication being administered through telemedicine and require that doctors attempt to schedule a follow-up visit.

Republican Rep. Julie Mayberry of Hensley says her bill is aimed at protecting the health of women who might have adverse reactions to abortion-inducing pills. She says a doctor should be present.

Opponents say lawmakers shouldn't dictate how doctors practice medicine. They say the bill grants government too much control.

Mayberry says that telemedicine isn't used to administer the pill in the state and that her bill is a preventative measure.