Arkansas House Member Pulls Nonprofit School District Proposal

Mar 17, 2015

Rep. Bruce Cozart
Credit Jacob Kauffman

A proposal to allow private nonprofits to take control of failing Arkansas school districts endorsed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson has been pulled by its sponsor.

Republican Rep. Bruce Cozart told The Associated Press Tuesday that he has deferred the bill and that it won't come up again this session. Cozart says he couldn't get the cooperation needed from proponents and opponents to advance the proposal.

The bill would've allowed nonprofits to take over districts that the state deemed academically distressed. Cozart and supporters said it would provide a new way to help students.

The change was opposed by a broad coalition of education groups that said it could lead to privatization of schools statewide.

Hutchinson previously supported the proposal and said it could provide a valuable tool to help children.