Arkansas Lottery Hopes To Boost Revenue, Profit Margin

Apr 29, 2013

The director of the Arkansas lottery says he hopes recent changes are helping the state-run gambling  operation overcome a sales slump that plagued the agency for several months.  

Lottery director Bishop Woosley says March numbers were strong, even though they don't match up to sales figures from March 2012, when a huge Mega Millions jackpot drew people in droves to lottery ticket sellers.  

Woosley says that sales dipped for a time last year as the newness wore off the lottery. Organizers made changes to scratch games to help increase sales and that big Powerball jackpots have helped.  

Woosley say Mega Millions will likely see changes to help it attract more players. Powerball ticket prices have gone from $1 to $2 per ticket, which has helped drive sales through bigger jackpots.