Arkansas Lottery Sued Over Stolen Tickets

Aug 8, 2013

A class action lawsuit by two Pulaski County residents claims the Arkansas Lottery misrepresented the number of prizes being awarded during a time period when a former lottery official was being investigated for allegedly stealing thousands of tickets.

Former security official Remmele Mazyck pleaded guilty last month in federal court to stealing nearly a half million dollars worth of promotional tickets, which he activated, then claimed the winning ones.

The lawsuit was filed by Rick Tomboli and Raymond Brock who claim that even after the lottery learned of the thefts and began an internal investigation, it continued to advertise odds for winning, without adjusting them downward.

“They let this multi-billion dollar operation continue with business by putting these tickets out in the market, knowing about these tickets to several different games," Tomboli said.  "On the back of the tickets it tells you what your odds are to win.  How can your odds be the same as what they are on the ticket?"

The lawsuit was filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court and seeks class status on behalf of 50,000 lottery buyers.

A call seeking comment on the lawsuit from the lottery’s director wasn’t immediately returned.