Arkansas At Risk For Wildfires

Jul 17, 2013

Little Rock Fire Department officials are warning area residents to be extra careful when grilling food outdoors or when using lawn equipment that can create sparks.

Drought-like conditions have made grass and forage extremely dry and ultimately put Pulaski, Faulkner, Saline, and 66 other Arkansas counties at moderate risk for wildfire danger.

Captain Edwin Wolf works with the Little Rock Fire Department.

“We want to make sure that the general population stays safe. If the woods are on fire and the blaze is creeping toward houses, then that’s a danger to the public,” Wolf said. “Firefighter safety is also important. It’s really hot outside, it’s really humid, and when you put all the gear on and you’re outside walking up and down the side of a hill or just walking out in a field … containing a blaze is really hazardous to firefighters.”

Wolf says people need to use common sense when doing activities outside that could spark a fire. As of Wednesday, none of the state’s 75 counties face a high or extreme risk for wildfire danger.

Click here to see a map of wildfire danger zones in the state.