Arkansas Temperatures Expected To Approach 100 Degrees

Aug 29, 2013

The National Weather service is forecasting temperatures in Arkansas will climb to around 100 degrees over the next few days.

Meteorologists Jeff Hood says the Western and Southwestern portions of the state may reach the 100 degree mark, but Central Arkansas will likely stay in the mid to upper 90s. Hood says we can expect some relief soon.

“By early next week, we are going to see a cold front try to move into the area and that’s going to occur as the large ridge of high pressure moves west towards the rockies,” Hood said.

He says the temperatures are going to drop considerably following the cold front.

“We could see upper 80s and lower 90s possibly for high temperatures across the state. A few places will be almost 10 degrees cooler than they have been this week,” said Hood.

The high temperatures are expected to last through Sunday.