Arkansas Voters Head To Polls On Election Day

Nov 5, 2012

Listen to the audio link above to hear more views from voters at polling sites in central Arkansas.

Voters are at polling sites in communities across Arkansas for their final chance today to weigh-in on the issues and candidates this election cycle. At a precinct in Saline County, Leslie Bass said she was an undecided voter for a long time, but finally made up her mind.

“One of the main issues that I am really concerned about is just the wellbeing of citizens here,” said Bass. “I really wanted a president who really supported welfare and other programs that benefit the less fortunate in Arkansas.”

Rick Pilcher from Bryant didn’t have to worry about long lines at his polling place this morning. He says it just feels more patriotic to vote on Election Day, rather than vote early.

“I vote every time there’s an election because I think it’s our duty,” said Pilcher. “The issues are important, the people will make their choice, and I know each vote counts.”

The Secretary of State’s office is predicting 65 percent of Arkansas’s voters will cast a ballot in this election.