Authorities Say Two Inmates Overpowered A Jailor To Escape From A Prison

Mar 18, 2013

Authorities say three inmates are back in custody after escaping from the Yell County Jail and will likely face additional charges.

Captain John Foster with the Sheriff’s Office said Bret Cooksey and Seth Chowning overpowered a jailer Sunday afternoon, attacked him and locked him in a cell.

They then used his key to release a female inmate, Jacqueline Stobaugh and escape from the facility.  

"They got out about 2.30 yesterday afternoon and we captured the two males at about 10.30 last night, approximately two blocks from the jail, at a residence.  And then about an hour and a half after that, we captured the female in a shed that was nearby. The escape is still under investigation. We’re looking at all aspects of it and see what steps need to be taken," said Captain Foster.

Captain Foster says this is a rare case for the Yell County Jail and the guard suffered minor injuries, but is ok.