Beebe's Radio Address on Statewide Emergency

Dec 6, 2013

Governor Mike Beebe
Credit Governor's office

Governor Mike Beebe spoke to the effects of severe weather on Arkansans in his weekly radio address. Beebe clarified what his statewide emergency declaration means for government’s ability to function.

“When my office announces delays or closings of state offices those announcements are strictly for offices only in the Little Rock metropolitan area, covering Central Arkansas. In other parts of the state, area and district supervisors work with their agency directors to determine when offices are to remain fully open, delay opening, or close. This is because weather conditions can vary greatly from north to south Arkansas and there is rarely one directive that properly fits the entire state,” said Beebe.

Beebe urged caution and implored residents to check in with their neighbors who may not be prepared for the effects of the weather.

“This is when our people’s traditional sense of community becomes especially important. Be aware of those living near you who may not have access to generators or fireplaces if power remains out for an extended period. This is particularly important for elderly residents in our neighborhoods and rural areas,” said Beebe.

Although many government workers have been asked to stay at home there are still crews and personnel working in offices throughout the state. He said his office must always seek out a balance between maintaining employee safety while meeting the needs of Arkansans.