Bill To Include Drones In Anti-Voyeurism Law Heads To Governor

Feb 26, 2015

The Arkansas Senate passed a bill Thursday to add drone surveillance to the state’s voyeurism laws. The legislation would make it illegal to use a drone to photograph or view someone underneath their clothing, or in private.  

Sen. Jon Woods, R-Springdale, spoke in favor of the bill, which passed 27-1. He said the Arkansas State Police had issues with the original language of the bill, but that this version would not interfere with their duties.

"You want people in law enforcement that's trying to protect society to have technology like that, but I think this bill just clearly states we're just trying to put this under current statute that's already there for voyeurism," Woods said.

Rep. Justin Harris, R-West Fork, first sponsored the bill that would have made it illegal for drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, to take pictures above private property without permission.

The bill now awaits Governor Asa Hutchinson’s signature.