Bill Would Keep Politicians Names Off Public Buildings, At Least For A While

Mar 22, 2013

The House voted 82-3 to pass a bill Friday that would prevent government agencies from naming buildings after public office holders until ten years after they are out of office.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative John Burris, R-Harrison, said this law would solve some interesting situations that have occurred in various districts around the state.

“You could drive a couple places in the state and you could find buildings that have been named for legislators that were subsequently convicted of federal crimes and spent time in prison. Um, that is not a good situation,” Burris said.

The bill now heads to Senate committee.

Democratic Representative Jim Nickels of Sherwood spoke for the bill saying it could limit self-aggrandizement.

“I think it means to take the ego out of our positions,” Nickels said.

The bill prohibits the naming of public buildings after public officials who haven’t been out of office for at least 10 years, or are at least 75 years old and retired.