Book Looks At Notable Arkansas Musicians And Events

Sep 5, 2013

A new book now on sale looks at the history of music in Arkansas.

Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music was put together by the same folks responsible for the online Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture.

It features profiles of well known Arkansas natives like Johnny Cash, Al Green, Levon Helm and Glen Campbell, as well as lessor known, but significant musicians like southern gothic artist Tav Falco and the sombrero-wearing couple Elton and Betty White, who were known for their graphic sexual lyrics.

The book also looks at musical genres, as well as events like a stopover by the Beatles at a small airport in Walnut Ridge in 1964 and the arrest of several members of the Rolling Stones in Fordyce in 1975.

KUAR’s Michael Hibblen spoke with the book’s editors Ali Welky and Mike Keckhaver.  You can listen to the interview above.