Boozman Talks Healthcare Delay and Syria

Sep 18, 2013

Republican Senator John Boozman

Health Care

The impending rollout of the Affordable Care Act in October is not seen as an inevitability by all of Arkansas’s congressional delegation.

Republican Senator John Boozman said he would like to delay the process by which Arkansans sign up for government subsidized private insurance. He likened the delay on the individual mandate to the one year delay granted for the employer mandate.

“I’d like to see a delay for the personal aspect of it too, the individual aspect, and I think we probably will have an opportunity to vote on that and I’ll vote for the delay,” said Boozman.

Although Boozman is opposed to the health care law and wants it repealed he said his office is committed to helping residents navigate the health care exchanges when they open October 1st.


Talks of military strikes against the Syrian government in response to their alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians have largely been supplanted by efforts to confiscate and destroy Assad’s chemical arsenal. Republican Senator John Boozman said he’s in favor of international efforts to non-violently pursue chemical weapons instead of launching military strikes.

“In regards to the dialog with the Russians, dialoguing with Assad, trying to neutralize these weapons, I think all that is fine. I think we need to do the very best that we can to do that. Certainly Putin has not been a very reliable partner in the past as we’ve attempted to work with him but perhaps things will turn out better this time,” said Boozman.

An agreement between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart established a timeline last week for the delivery of information about the weapons, allowing inspections, and the destruction of all weapons by mid-2014.