Camp Robinson Special Use Area

Oct 16, 2013

Camp Robinson Special Use Area

Camp Robinson Special Use Area is located east of Mayflower on Hwy 89, near Grassy Lake.

In addition to over 15 miles of horse and hiking trails, this 4-thousand acre management area has great places to fish, hunt, camp, train hunting dogs, and practice archery. 

Thanks in part to the long-term use of controlled burns, the special use area contains a great diversity of habitats including prairies, open forest, wetlands, lakes, and dense pine forest making it a great place for birding.

The area is large and trails tend to be poorly labeled, so the best approach may be to just grab some water and explore. If it has rained recently, be prepared to cross several streams.

You can park and get information for your hike on Nursery Pond Rd. just west of Clinton Rd.

Check the Arkansas Game and Fish website for scheduling, since hiking is not allowed when other events are taking place.