CDC Confirms Case Of Enterovirus In Arkansas

Sep 22, 2014

The Arkansas Department of Health on Monday confirmed the state has its first case of enterovirus D68. The respiratory virus has spread over the last month, reaching states bordering Arkansas. Spokeswoman Kerry Krell said the symptoms, mostly in children, are similar to a cold but can be severe.

“In the state’s that are around us it’s been causing significant illness in kids, particularly kids that have underlying respiratory conditions like asthma.” Krell continued, “Some kids may get difficulty breathing, wheezing, issues like that we would want them to see the doctor. But for the most part kids will have a mild cold and may even get over this without having to see their doctor.”

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the first Arkansas case out of a batch of samples sent by Arkansas health officials.

Krell recommends practicing good hygiene as the best defense. The virus first appeared in California over 50 years ago and has since spread to over 22 states.