City To Consider Proposed Changes To Make LR's University Avenue Safer

May 18, 2015

One of the intersections on South University Avenue likely to be renovated as part of the UALR proposal.
Credit David Monteith

Plans intended to make South University Avenue safer and more attractive are to be voted on Tuesday by the Little Rock Board of Directors.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Chancellor Joel Anderson said several accidents along the roadway, including one that killed a faculty member motivated the proposal.

A variety of specific changes to the street are being considered, such as the addition of roundabouts, bike lanes, and the expansion of the median.

“Traffic experts will tell you that the visual cues that surround a street or that are in the street have an impact on how drivers behave. It’s more than stop signs and traffic signals and speed limits that affect the behavior of people,” said Anderson.

City support is seen as critical in the early stages of the project, estimated to cost $14 million. Anderson said he hopes a large portion of the funding for the renovations will come from a federal grant being applied for in early June. Cooperation among city and state level institutions such as Metroplan and the Highway and Transportation Department will be necessary.