City Leaders Encourage Residents To Determine Tax Credit Eligibilty

Feb 1, 2016

W.J. Monagle, Executive Director of the Little Rock Workforce Services Board speaking Monday about efforts to publicize Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility to area residents.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek / KUAR

City of Little Rock leaders are encouraging low to middle-income residents to check their eligibility for tax credits as the spring approaches. 

A coalition of city, business, and non-profit leaders are encouraging low-income residents in Little Rock to find out if they qualify.

W.J. Monagle, Executive Director of the Little Rock Workforce Development Board, spoke at City Hall Monday as part of an effort to get the word out about Earned Income Tax Credits.

"There are services available that can help you plan your retirement," he said, "That can help you make a down payment on a home or make improvements on a home, even start your own business.”

Individuals earning under $14,820 annually qualify. Single parents making less than $39,131, or married couples with one child, earning less than $43,454 a year, are eligible. Couples with three or more children earning under $53,267 also qualify.

Marthella Johnson with the Arkansas Community Institute, said her group works to warn lower-income tax-payers of predatory lending and high fees for tax filing help.

"Do not be fooled by car dealers who will prepare your taxes. Look under the hood first, OK?" she said. "When a car dealer prepares your taxes, you will be paying high fees."

Financial advisors will help residents determine what tax returns they may qualify for for free at the state fairgrounds in Little Rock this Saturday.

30-minute appointments may be scheduled in advance by calling 1-501-682-0228.