Civil War Images At North Little Rock Library Capture Life During Conflict

Mar 28, 2013

Historic photographs from the Civil War-era will be on display at the William F. Laman Library in North Little Rock from Friday through June 15th. Dan Noble with the library says the 70 high-quality images take viewers on a journey through various aspects of war.

Laman Library Civil War Exhibit

“We have the photos displayed under different themes, such as citizen soldiers, brothers in arms, and there’s a section that actually shows the youth at war,” said Noble. “The exhibit really allows the visitor to actually explore what these people went through and these pictures have just frozen in time these people who are going to war.”

Noble says highlights from the free exhibition include rare photographs from the Georgia Military Institute before it was burned in 1864 during Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman’s “March to the Sea.”

The images come from the private collection of Atlanta native David Wynn Vaughan and were acquired by the Laman Library to help celebrate the Civil War Sesquicentennial in Arkansas.