Cleanup Of Historic Majestic Hotel Debris Continues

Mar 4, 2014

A historic rendering of the Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs.

Hot Springs' city manager says the cleanup of the torn-down Majestic Hotel complex will happen as quickly as possible.

The historic, vacant hotel was destroyed in a fire last week and the city opted to tear down the building for the safety of the public. City Manager David Watkins says the city will not let the cleanup efforts "drag out" over several months.

The Sentinel-Record reports that the structure was torn down over a 12-hour period over the weekend.

Authorities don't know what caused the blaze that tore through the hotel. The building's owner, Garrison Hassenflu, says the structure was uninsured and he's hopeful the fire's cause will be identified.

Hassenflu says he hopes the land will be used in a development once the building debris is cleaned up.