Coleman: Rival Asa Hutchinson's Tax Cut Plan 'Short-Sighted'

Aug 8, 2013

File photo of Curtis Coleman speaking in Little Rock in May.
Credit Michael Hibblen/ KUAR

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Curtis Coleman is criticizing rival Asa Hutchinson's proposal to phase out Arkansas' income tax as "short-sighted," and says a broader look at the state's tax structure is needed.

Coleman told members of the Political Animals Club on Thursday that cutting the income tax isn't enough to make Arkansas competitive with surrounding states.

Coleman said he thinks cutting the state's corporate income tax and eliminating its capital gains tax are also necessary.

Hutchinson, a former congressman who is also seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination, last month called for phasing out Arkansas' income tax over time.

Coleman, Hutchinson and state Rep. Debra Hobbs are seeking the GOP nomination. Former U.S. Rep. Mike Ross is the only Democrat running for governor.