Company Identified In Arkansas Chicken Blood Spill

Nov 15, 2013

The chief of a company whose tank truck leaked chicken blood for 20 miles on U.S. Highway 71 near Greenwood says he'll pay for car washes for motorists whose vehicles were fouled.

The Arkansas highway department on Friday said a truck owned by MKJ trucking of Springfield, Mo., leaked the animal product while hauling it to a Danville pet food plant.

Fort Smith television station KHBS reports MKJ managing partner Rick Johnson says he doesn't know how a valve on the truck opened while it was moving.

Johnson says the truck's on-board computer shows the vehicle hadn't stopped when the spill began.

Johnson says drivers whose cars were bloodied can email him pictures and he'll compensate them for cleaning. The blood was from a Heavener, Okla., poultry plant.