Cotton and Hill Praise Arkansas Death Penalty At Town Hall

Apr 17, 2017

Central Arkansas Congressman appeared before constituents in a town hall format for the first time of the Trump era on Monday. Hill faced a raucous, but politically split crowd. He was joined by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton.

The Republican senator said he talked with Governor Asa Hutchinson that morning about executions originally slated to begin Monday evening.

“I told him that I 100 percent support his decision to execute the verdict that was rendered by a jury of his peers,” said Cotton to a mix of jeers and cheers.

Cotton continued, condemning pharmaceutical companies for objecting to their drugs being used without their permission to kill inmates.

“Even politically correct pharmaceutical companies are trying to interfere with the justice system in the state of Arkansas,” he said after decrying liberal judges and attorneys.

Hill also expressed support for the death penalty despite a constituent challenging him on why he differs from his Catholic Bishop, Anthony Taylor.

“Everyone who has gone through a trial for one of these heinous crimes has been able to have the due process of law under our Constitution,” Hill said.

The town hall was held at a west Little Rock hotel during the workday.