Crews Recover 19,000 Barrels Of Oil, Water In Arkansas

Apr 5, 2013

An ExxonMobil spokeswoman says crews have recovered about 19,000 barrels of oil and water since a pipeline ruptured in central Arkansas last week. That number from spokeswoman Kim Jordan is up from an estimated 12,000 barrels of water and oil that the company had previously cited.

Mayflower Oil Spill
Credit KLRT/ Fox 16 Facebook Page

ExxonMobil's Pegasus pipeline ruptured Friday, spilling thousands of barrels of oil in the small city of Mayflower, about 25 miles northwest of Little Rock. No one was injured, but authorities evacuated more than 20 homes in the area.

A news release from ExxonMobil and local authorities also says the oil spill has not affected Mayflower's drinking water supply. Jordan says the company is not aware of any other drinking water supplies affected by the oil spill.