Draft of Voter ID Laws Released

Jun 3, 2013

Secretary of State Mark Martin (R) issued a draft of proposed rules for implementing the Voter ID law approved by the Arkansas State Legislature. The draft contains numerous forms of acceptable documentation needed to verify voter eligibility.

During the General Assembly officials said the law mandating a photo ID to vote could effect between 2 and 9 percent of voters and could cost $300,000.

Mark Martin
Credit sos.arkansas.gov / Secretary of State's Office

Martin's Press Secretary Alex Reed says residents can expect to start applying for their cards starting in 2014 at their county clerk's office. The draft of rules contains numerous forms of documentation that will need to be provided to county clerks. 

Reed says more research is needed before determining which counties will require the most assistance.

Governor Mike Beebe (D) opposed the legislation saying that in-person voter fraud is exceedingly uncommon and that voter ID laws tend to prevent registered voters from voting.