Drought Conditions Provide Mixed Results For Arkansas Farmers

Sep 10, 2013

State agricultural experts say continuing dry weather conditions have actually aided harvesting efforts in southeast Arkansas. 

Farmer working with row crops.

Row crop farmers are reporting that corn and rice harvests are almost complete and yields are doing very well.

However, other crops and cattle could suffer if drought-like weather conditions continue drying out pastures.

Hank Chaney is an extension agent in Faulkner County. He says lack of significant rainfall could take a toll on some crops.

“We have some soybeans, especially dry-land beans, that looked really good up until two weeks ago and now they’re starting to show the affects of needing some rain to finish them on out,” said Chaney. “If we could get a shower it would help those crops, but a lot of farmers who are in the row crop areas are trying to cut and water soybeans at the same time.”

Chaney says over the next two to three weeks farmers will also be planting wheat and they will need moistened soil to help it grow.