Eldridge Criticizes Boozman On Curbing Guns To Terrorists

Jun 22, 2016

Republican U.S. Senator John Boozman and Democratic challenger Conner Eldridge (Ieft to right).

Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Conner Eldridge is criticizing Republican Sen. John Boozman for opposing an effort to prevent terrorists from buying guns, saying an alternative measure backed by the Arkansas lawmaker doesn't go far enough.

Eldridge told the Political Animals Club on Wednesday that he supports a proposal by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein that would have let the federal government block many gun sales to known or suspected terrorists.

Boozman opposed that measure and supported a competing proposal that would have delayed a gun sale to a suspected terrorist for 72 hours, but require prosecutors to go to court to show probable cause to block the sale permanently.

The proposals were among four gun measures that failed in the U.S. Senate on Monday.