Expert Says Pollen Count High, Necessary In Central Arkansas

Apr 15, 2013

National weather experts are reporting a high pollen count for central Arkansas most of this week. Much of the pollen caked on cars, buildings, and streets has become a nuisance for area residents, especially those who have severe allergies. 

Pollen from a tree.

Jon Zawislak is a specialist with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. He says pollen is a key component to the “circle of life.” 

“When you think about the oak trees producing pollen that really aggravate people’s allergies, you have to remember that without that pollen floating through the air then those oak trees cannot produce acorns. Once the acorns, nuts, and other seeds disappear then there are no more squirrels and other animals that need nuts for food,” said Zawislak. “The whole balance of nature includes a lot of wildlife species that you may not even necessarily think of as important, but without them our lives are going to be a lot less rich.”

Zawislak says, right now, a lot of trees are all producing pollen at the same time covering cars with yellow and green powder. He says wind pollinated plants, such as oak trees, produce tons of pollen and hope that the wind will carry the pollen to another member of their own species. Click here to get the pollen forecast for the rest of the week.