Explosives Used To Take Down 2 Of 3 Broadway Bridge Arches

Oct 15, 2016

Saturday's explosion which brought down two of the three remaining spans of the Broadway Bridge.
Credit KATV, Channel 7 News

Explosives brought down two of three Broadway Bridge arches a day after detonation was postponed because of lightning.

Explosives placed in holes drilled in the arches were detonated at 8 a.m. Saturday, however one arch withstood the blast.

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department officials say crews will use barges to bring down the arch.

On Tuesday, workers used explosives to try and take down an arch, but the structure stayed put. It took about five hours for crews to bring it down by attaching a cable to the bridge and pulling it down.

Crews are working under a 180-day deadline to demolish the 93-year-old bridge and install a new one.

Officials say there is no deadline for removing debris from Saturday's blast because it isn't in the navigation channel.